Aurora Ocean Speed RGA704-PBBP


Reef Tiger integrated personality and charm into the creation, the first time debuted Aurora series ocean watch. The large size of watch case (diameter 44 mm), the towering bubble-like crystal lens (thickness 8 mm), and the twisted zoomable visual effect dial, all of these bring a different experience of wearing watch.The latest Aurora series ocean watch was inspired by the chaos of the born of the universe. It uses gear, lightning and mechanical texture to express the expansion and reproduction of life in the prehistoric era.

The 45mm watch case smooth and streamline, and the ball-shape crown inlay with a rubber ring. The heavy watch case match of the refine curved lugs, so close to the wrist, comfortable to wear, yet express individuality. Black dial with rose gold dot markers and date display.The interior life of the watch is represented by Swiss Reef Tiger RT6501 automatic movement. The watch is accompanied by a calfskin strap with tang buckle.

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Aurora Ocean Speed Automatic Watch. The durable, stainless steel plated with rose gold, fixed bezel also fitted with create professional looking proposals and presentations. Durable poly front and back covers with coordinated.


Black dial with rose gold dot markers. Hours, minutes, seconds, date display. This Luxury watch has its logo on the dial at 12 o'clock.


Swiss Reef Tiger RT6501 Automatic Movement


Soft and comfortable calfskin strap with  Tang buckle.


This watch is water-resistant to 100 meters